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Its not too late to join the team. Call for a tryout date and time! Youth and Junior Prep teams now having placements! 614-580-7378 Three year old team now accepting new members! New 3 year old team and 4-5 year old team....JUST GETTING STARTED!


Open Gym Saturday's 2:00-3:30 $5.00

Adult Open gym Friday 's 8:30-9:30 $5.00

C L A S S E S - 1 to 18 of 18

iconMini -Youth hip hop

iconFitness and Conditioning Class

Circuit training for all levels. Specializing in core stregnth.


Call for time schedule.

iconLevel 1 Tiny Tots Tumbling 3-5Yrs

iconLevel 2 - Youth Tumbling

Teaches  walkovers and limbers, emphasizing correct body control and placement.  Must have round-off and bridge.

iconJust for Boys Power Tumbling Levels 1/2-Back handspring

This class is for male tumblers levels 2-elite.( Any age)  We will develop tumbling runs as a team designed for performance opportunities in the area.

iconFlyer Training levels 1-2

No experience necessary.  We will begin with the basic stances and safety drills. Strengthen necessary muscles involved in both basing and flying.  Students will be grouped according to size.

iconBack Handspring Class ( Youth and Teen)

Must have a fluid back walkover.  This class will teach the fundamental elements of back handsprings and prepare athletes for advanced tumbling.

iconLevel 3 tumbling

Must have standing back handspring and round off back handspring. This class will focus on series back handsprings, running combinations and pre-back tuck drills

iconFlyer Traning levels 3-5

Not a stunt class for beginners. This class will review primary stunt techniques and safety and move into intermediate stunting positions. Focus will be on proper techniques and dynamics involved in more difficult stunts, tosses and dismounting. You must have a full stunt group of 5 in order to be a part of this class.  Students must have mastered A -frame, pencil toss, and 2 leg extension cradle . 

iconTuck Class

Must have a standing varsity back handspring and a back handspring varsity. This class will focus on tuck positions and the proper form for the standing back tuck.

iconLevel 4 - Advanced (layouts) Level 5 - Advanced -(twisting)

Must have standing back tuck. This class will work on running combinations with tucks, layouts and whip backs.

iconPrivate tumbling sessions

Private one on one tumbling lessons can greatly improve your tumbling skills.

iconTutoring in Math, Reading, Spanish All Levels

Certified teachers teaching all tutoring sessions.

iconClass Fees

iconCheer Prep - Trying out for your high school team need help?

iconRecreational Cheer Classes: Scheduled by demand for team.


C L A S S E S - 1 to 18 of 18